Commercial Furniture & Fixtures

Art of Interiors’ organic style flows out of who our clients are, and the embodiment of nature in their surroundings. Its elements are …

  • Energetic colors, 
  • Natural forms, with 
  • A modern edge

Reinforce Your Brand with the Power of Furniture & Fixtures

Planning & Branding

We understand your vision, meticulously crafting spaces that align with your brand identity and business objectives. From space planning to integrated branding, we create cohesive environments that enhance your mission and make a lasting impression on clients and guests.



Furniture & Product Procurement

Streamlining one of the most multi-faceted and complicated stages.

We source and manage procurement from renowned furniture-makers, domestically and abroad. We design and curate specialty pieces that enhance the atmosphere. We order, track and inspect every item, and manage any issues that might arise.

The result? A stress-free experience from bids to installation.



The Art of Sourcing Office Furniture

At Art of Interiors, we believe that a vibrant environment speaks volumes. Through a blend of energetic colors, natural forms, and a modern edge, we’ve seamlessly connected your unique identity with the world of office furniture.

Our curated selection, drawn from a wide range of global manufacturers, mirrors the authenticity and quality you seek. We’ve honed the procurement process, ensuring you experience simplicity in every choice, from bespoke furnishings to unique finishings.

Your brand deserves to resonate within the power of interior design.

Furniture Procurement Services

  • Standards Development & Maintenance
  • Contract & Hospitality Furnishings
  • Modular Wall & Architectural Solutions
  • Ergonomic Solutions
  • Collaborative Technology Solutions
  • Audio & Visual Solutions
  • Vendor Management
  • Order Tracking & Scheduling

Green & Wellness Design

We understand the significance of prioritizing well-being and sustainability in commercial and hospitality spaces. Our approach to green and wellness design aims to create environments that enhance occupant health and comfort while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Design

Through careful selection of eco-friendly materials, incorporation of natural elements, and consideration of factors like indoor air quality, lighting, and acoustics, we ensure that our designs contribute to a visually stunning space that also fosters a healthier and more sustainable future. With our expertise in green and wellness design, rest assured that your space will embody a commitment to user well-being and sustainability.

Visually stunning and purposefully crafted spaces to nurture well-being, allowing people to thrive.

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