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Our commitment to quality, longevity, and sustainable practices.

At Art of Interiors, we are passionate about providing exceptional interior design services for both commercial and residential properties. We differentiate ourselves by upholding a set of values that guide our work and set us apart from other designers. We are committed to delivering exceptional interior design solutions that exceed expectations. Our values and dedication to quality, attention to detail, and comprehensive service set us apart and make us the ideal partner for both commercial and residential projects.


Elizabeth Bhar

Elizabeth Bhar believes that great design has the ability to ignite ideas, open people to greater collaborative experiences, and create a sense of community.  These ideas are the driving force behind her designs, and are the principles on which she founded Art of Interiors in 2007.

Since then, the firm has expanded its scope with numerous multi-year, multi-faceted commercial design projects. Many of which are found in North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Atlanta, and New York City.

To Elizabeth, her work is about creating spaces that emphasize the human-side of design. Every project is an opportunity to take a company’s values…their brand… and turn it into a welcoming environment that can be experienced emotionally, and through the senses.

A graduate of Meredith College with a degree in Interior Architecture, Elizabeth leads her team out of her studio in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a registered interior designer in the state of North Carolina, is NCIDQ licensed, and fully bilingual. She’s also an active member of several  national and international interior design organizations.

When Elizabeth is not dedicating her time to the art of creating spaces that inspire others and help people thrive, she can be found at home drinking great coffee…a nod to her Colombian heritage…with her husband, two sons, and three dogs.  As a former flight attendant, Elizabeth developed a lifelong passion for travel. And today, by immersing herself in different cultures and in beauty, Elizabeth enriches not only her designs, but also her life.

Safa Salahaldeen

A graduate of Meredith College, with a major in Interior Design and a minor in Studio Art, Safa was born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Interior Design is more than a profession, it’s also a passion, allowing Safa to combine her talent for curating artful spaces with her desire to positively impact her clients’ quality of life through their built environment.

Outside of work, Safa’s life includes dance, travel, doing her own mixed media art, and photography, which she has studied and loves. The daughter of parents who immigrated from Khartoum, Sudan, Safa frequently travels back to Sudan where she loves immersing herself in family, food, culture, art, and music, as well as the landscape of such a beautiful country.

She is a member of IIDA (International Interior Design Association) and ASID (American Association of Interior Designers.)


Our core values serve as the compass that guides us in delivering exceptional interior design services, ensuring client satisfaction, and a commitment to long-lasting, brand-centric spaces.


We create spaces that are authentic and original that serve as a unique experience for the people using the space.

As a team, we are true to our authentic selves, and are respectful to our teammates who strive to be honest and true to themselves.


We consider integrity to be an important part of our team and client culture.  We approach our work in keeping to the highest sense of who are.

Doing what we set out to do, correcting issues when they arise, and communicating clearly and honestly, all allows us to be trusted.


We aspire to design environments that contribute to impeccable health.

In everything we do we always look to promote the well-being of people and planet.


We believe ingenuity is essential for all projects.  We thrive on challenges and coming up with unique and astute solutions for our clients.


We are consistent in our approach, and are committed to outcomes that best serve our clients.

In everything we do we are steadfast and strive for excellence, dependability, and intentionality.  This is how we deliver the best in design.


We value equity within our team, clients, and vendors.

We strive to promote, love, and support diverse and multi-cultural partnerships with individuals that have been underrepresented and under-valued in our community.

Visually stunning and purposefully crafted spaces to nurture well-being, allowing people to thrive.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re a 1-Stop Shop

We do the design, the space planning, and make sure we’re compliant with all the codes. We also provide all furniture procurement and installation.  

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

We carry the project from start to finish, and once our clients have told us what they need, they also know they’ll never have to think about it again. 

We do residential and commercial projects

By applying what we’ve mastered in logistics, scale, and the complexity of our commercial projects, we’ve become stronger residential designers…and vice versa. 

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

Our knowledge base is deep, and has given us a clear understanding of what is possible. This saves our clients time by knowing what can be accomplished realistically, based on our awareness of architectectural, structural, and building standards.

We start with our clients’ values

From there we turn them into branded environments and inviting homes that are experienced emotionally and through the senses.

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

They see their story– intentionally told– throughout their surroundings.

We look at how the space can support the people using it

 And then create surroundings that foster productivity, inspiration, and well-being.

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

Their environments become centers that are designed to bring out their best, whether it’s working, living, or a little bit of both.

We’re based in North Carolina where the heritage of craft is revered

We often work with local craftspeople to design one-of-a-kind pieces. Additionally, we procure unique furnishings from Europe where we have sourcing partners in Italy, France, Denmark, and Spain.  

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

Their environments are memorable, distinctive, and ones they take great pride in.

We believe that great design opens people up to great collaborative experiences

Our work is about fulfilling that belief in both commercial and residential design.

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

They value connecting with others and feel collaborations enhance their human experience.

Our goal is to design healthy environments

In furnishings & finishes, materials & equipment, we always look to promote the well-being of people & planet.

Our Clients Appreciate This Because…

They are living, working, and inspired by their healthy, beautiful surroundings.


At Art of Interiors Inc. we offer a comprehensive range of interior design solutions, including commercial design, residential design services. Our dedicated team is committed to bringing your vision to life and creating spaces that inspire and delight.

Commercial Design

Strengthen your brand’s impact in every dimension. After a comprehensive review of your vision, style and needs, we create space plans, design concepts, and finished plans that will allow your physical setting to enhance your business mission and way of working.

Residential Design

From concept to completion, we specialize in creating personalized and functional living spaces that reflect your unique style, while ensuring a seamless renovation process.

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