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About Art of Interiors

Creative Design That Nurtures Humans

You have a vision for the experiences people will have in your space… for how people will interact and live into your business and brand. At Art of Interiors we blend creativity, space planning, and human centered design to make that vision a reality. Here you’ll find the best of sophisticated international design and handcrafted local artistry woven into each project, with a discerning eye to sustainable practices, natural elements and wellness for all.

Client Testimonials

“When I reached out to Elizabeth and her team all I knew was I had 11,000 square feet to furnish and a budget in which to work. Elizabeth was fantastic with creating options that worked with our space and our budget! We had trouble with deliveries due to COVID-19, however, Elizabeth was on top of it and provided timely updates. Don’t hesitate enlisting Elizabeth and her team with your furnishing and decorating needs–Art of Interiors exceeded all our expectations!”

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